TPD Laws Are In Effect – And We Have Some Changes

From the 20th of May 2017, the government added new laws for E-Cigarettes and E-Liquid (TPD Regulations). These TPD laws will effect every vaper and ecigarette vendor. The new EU legislation has bought many new rules into effect including – tanks cannot exceed 2ml capacity, liquid containing nicotine cannot exceed 20mg, liquid containing nicotine is limited to 10ml bottle size, bottles and multi-packs must include nicotine addictivity warnings and provide nicotine dose information, all eliquid must be tested by a certified laboratory 6 months in advance of being for sale, batch number date and ucid numbers must be provided and much, much more.

So what do these changes mean for Vjuice?

TPD has forced our hand, we can no longer offer customers larger bottles with nicotine in it 🙁 . But there is a solution. We now offer 50ml and 100ml bottles at 0% nicotine. Bottles containing 0% nicotine are exempt from TPD, so it’s legal to offer these big bottles to our customers. These bottles come nicotine shot ready. Meaning the 50ml juice we now provide is actually packaged in 60ml+ bottles (allowing a 10ml nicotine shot to be added). Our 100ml bottles are infact 120ml+ bottles (allowing for 2 x 10ml nicotine shot to be added).

Nicotine shots from Vjuice are provided at 10ml size, 100% VG and 18mg Nicotine. Add 1 x nicotine shot to our 50ml for 3mg nicotine total concentration, Add 2 x nicotine shots to our 100ml for 3mg nicotine total concentration also. Give it a good shake after adding nicotine, and viola! You now have your large eliquid bottles 🙂

These large 0% nicotine juices are available for 50ml @ £14.99 and 100ml @ £24.99 (nicotine shots sold separately) and only available in our cloud chasing high VG range found here.

Other changes include 3 packs becoming available in both our 50/50 gourmet range and also the 80/20 cloud chasing range. Multi buy offers can no longer be advertised due to TPD, so our 10ml bottles are now £3.99 each, or choose to have a 3pack (3x10ml) boxed at £9.99, but that has to be the same flavour. We no longer offer mix’and’match multi buy offers for different flavours.

So what else has changed?

We would also like to take this time to apologise to all of our customers who experienced delays recently (May-June 2017). Due to a record number of orders, vape expo, and new TPD laws coming into effect, we have had long hold-ups. Our website was down for 2 weeks while we caught up, and some orders were heavily delayed. The main delay was caused by having to add new labels to our bottles and empty bottle shortages. Not only has new nicotine warnings been added, paragraphs of new text, new sized warning icons and other information also to conform to TPD, we have also had a re-brand. This re-brand is not only to improve our looks and packaging, it is also to help stop any counterfeiters trying to fake our liquids. We now have foil-lined peel and reveal labels that are expensive and hard for people to copy. You can see the new style of labels below, with the peel and reveal giving all the medical advice needed to conform with TPD.

People may also have noticed that our flavour range has decreased. Pre-TPD we had 110 different flavours, but since TPD we have reduced this to our best 70 flavours, with 10 brand new ones coming soon. The flavours discontinued are – Absinthe, Banana Ninja, Banana, Blackberry, Blood Orange, Braveheart, Citrus Blast, Coco Creampie, Strawberry lemonade, Cranked Up Custard, Doctor Doctor, Forbidden Fruit, Fruit Punch, God of Fire, Juicy Fruit, Jungle Juice, Key Lime, Mint Tobacco, Monkey Milk, Orange Tic Tac, Peach Be With You, Peach, Pineapple, Pumped Up Passion Fruit, Raspberry, Sinful Swirl, Skuttles, Star Mix, Summer Cocktail and Vanilla.

Moving forward since TPD

The new TPD laws have caused a heavy blow for a lot of ecigarette and eliquid companies. Many have shut down and closed their businesses for good, others have had to adapt. The range of hardware available to buy has dramatically decreased, with all tanks over 2ml being taken off the EU and UK markets completely. There are some exceptions, like the aspire exo tank, which uses a large coil to give the tank 2ml capacity. Swap this coil for the old cleito coils and you now have 3.5ml back out of it 🙂 so it would appear there are other loopholes to fight TPD, and probably even more loopholes coming soon. We predicted many of these loopholes last year with our TPD May 2016 Article Here.

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