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Tried these juices whilst in the UK and god damn the Fruit Salad and Rhubarb and Custard are amazing. Eagerly awaiting my next shipment here in Australia! <3 V – Juice


Get the V and you’ll never look back. With out a doubt the best tasting and quality e-liquid I have ever had! Not only a fab quality but great prices and my orders usually arrive within 2-3 days. Big thumbs up from me.

Reece G

I am fairly new to vaping and started off with some horrible juice before moving to Vampire Vapes which was a big improvement and i can’t fault their flavours. However, i found the 50/50 of Vampire Vapes a bit harsh. I considered giving up vaping until one day, i stumbled upon Heidi H’s Fetish Gourmet collection, Beard and V-Juice. Those 3 are in a different league. At £6 for 10ml i decided that Beard just wasn’t worth it. I am still working my way through the HHFG & V-Juice ranges. Both are superb but currently V-Juice is ahead on points. Some wonderful flavours. So much variety. I have love for Purple Rain, Vim’o, Blue Raspberry & Razzleberry. The others i have tried have been excellent too. Next up Yoder may be and Hulk Blood. Oh and Pinkman, Dr. Montana….the list keeps growing !

JLo DaMofo

Been vaping 6 weeks & VJuice is the liquid that beats all others hands-down. Adore Purple Rain & Mermaid tears but slowly tasting every single flavour & so far, isn’t one that isn’t gorgeous, luckily I have a local vendor that stocks this juice to the rafters ?


So far I’m really impressed. I bought the sherbet lemon from ebay, and loved it. I also got the spearmint, only received it Saturday, and it’s finished already, suddenly became a chain vaper. I enjoyed your e liquids so much, I’ve since order another 4 bottles ?. Can’t wait for them to arrive. Definitely had to order another spearment though, the flavour is to perfection.

June Veitch

I am so impressed with this company as there was a mix up with my order and i had phoned to sort it out not only was jack very apologetic and explained the situation he took the time out to drop my juice to me with a couple of extra ones i have to say this was above and beyond and he came out his way to personally deliver my order and i love the v juice so i will most definitely be ordering again.
And jack deserves an payrise.

Katie Ashe

I am new to vaping and ive started with a smok alien with a baby beast tank, I bought v-juice after reading positive reviews and so far I am really impressed, the pinkmon and blues brothers are stunning, I love the taste, smell and the amount of vapour from the cloud chasing range….. don’t waste your money on other juices this stuff is the best


This juice is just amazing, have tried so many other brands out there like 5 star juices, bare juice, vape belly, element you name it I’ve probably tried it but they come nowhere near how good v juice is. All others taste fake if you know what I mean, or taste nothing like the description says where as v juice tastes exactly like specified. Keep up the great work.


This Juice is Phenominal,

Best Juice I have ever tried, after Numerous sickly "American Juices" . VJuice still beats all,

Rather than spending £20 on a 30ml bottle of premium american juice, I can spend £25.00 and get 100ml of VJuice,

Heisenberg, Vimto and Blues brothers are pure an utter brilliance, Highly recommend the fruity flavours,


I advise you very strongly to buy their liquids. I have tried nearly all the other brands on the market, both high street and internet and NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING comes close to v-juice flavour,smell and value for money, the liquids actually do smell and taste as described and not synthetic. Don`t waste your time and money else-where. The customer service and help line is second to none, but I advise to order in advance or bulk (don`t wait till your on you last dreg) as it can take over a week sometimes due to the high demand they have. Out of all the 20 odd ones I have tried I have only disliked one and that was due to my mistake ordering the wrong flavour as it was menthol and it`s not my cup of tea. These lot go all the way to 11!!!!!


Buy V-Juice from my local vape shop (Vapour Cliq) – decided to buy "Purple Rain" (3mg/100ml) – very impressed! Flavour and Clouds are both awesome! Needless to say went back a week later and purchased "Cranked Up Custard" (3mg/100ml), and was impressed with this one too – eventually I WILL try them all – addicted.

Battleaxe Dimes

These guys are amazing great liquids super fast deliveries and by far 1 of the best customer service around.
Keep up the amazing work guys ?

Ronnie Murray

I’m so happy I found V-juice, I’m telling you, flavours from other companies is SH*T compared to V-juice E liquid, all the flavors are so good and exotic. What’s so special about V-juice E liquid is that the smell of all the flavours is amazing and the have managed to make it taste just like the smell, sometimes you are buying a liquid and the smell is really good but it doesn’t taste anything like the smell, V-juice E liquid have managed to combine the smell and flavour for maximum gourmet fusion. My favorite flavours so far are Vimto #1 and Blues Brothers #2, haven’t nearly tried all of them yet tho, if your looking for a liquid company to stick to. V juice E liquid is your one.

Peter Andrew

Found a v juice product on the market in my hometown and I was impressed big time. I’m very fussy with my juices and I’ve never liked any as much as v juice make. Also ordered apple and my own made chocmallow and they are gorgeous!


i ordered 3 flavours 10ml bottles just to try. I loved every single one of them and I have just placed another order for 3 more 🙂 Delivery was pretty quick. very impressed. cant wait to try them all

jennifer graur

just got my delivery today and boy it was fast I ordered late Thursday night into the early morning and came through today thanks for quick delivery and so far I tried the skuttles high vg e liquid very nice waiting to try the others after as I got fruit punch and choc orange and mint


I’ve just bought the sherbet Lemon, cherry cola and guava insane and I have to admit all three are amazing. If you love sherbet lemons then this eliquid is perfect, it is like eating one without the chewing. The cherry cola is just as good and gives a cherry taste with a hint of coke. The guava insane is a delicious as a suttle fruity vape which is perfect for vaping all day.


Been looking everywhere for a hight vg juice in just menthol (as most have other flavours mixed with it) so I was very happy when I came across v-juice, my eliquid came today just too days after I ordered it and it’s perfect ? tastes amazing nice thick fluffy vapour I will be defo ordering more in a higher quantity!! I would recommend trying this eliquid to anyone its hight quality at a resonable price ☺

Leah holmes

First time ordering from Vjuice, wow what can i say ordered Monday night here Wednesday morning great service 😉
Great flavors and throat hit from the vjuice range
Black Jacks , Deep Freeze & Vimto 😉
Thanks for the speedy dispatch, i am in cloud chasing heaven 😉
Will be ordering again very soon
Five star all round


Ordered from Vjuice many times in the past and I will many times in the future no doubt. The lads always answer any questions I have. I would recommend


I have yet to order from the website however have had vjuices liquids from a local vendor. 99% of them have been spot on (detailed juice reviews will follow soon) but I had an issue with neetle tears. The one I bought from a shop lacked in flavour and throat hit.

I contacted vjuice through the website and had an email back soon after from Matt. He sorted it with the vendor in question for me to have another bottle on him as way of goodwill, that in itself was fantastic customer service but it gwts better.

After finding the replacement juice was the same I contacted Matt again, he was very sympathetic and has sent me some replacements straight from the lab.

These seem a better colour, smell great and I look forward to trying the juice that I wanted to try lots after reading the description on this site.

All in all I cannot fault the customer service and quality of liquids so far and I highly recommend vjuice.



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