Top 5 Reason To Start Making Your Own Eliquid

Top 5 Reason To Start Making Your Own Eliquid

Published by Vjuice Eliquid UK on 22nd May 2020

Vaping has become a HUGE industry and is constantly growing and changing with an ever growing community and method of harm reduction. Seeing people walking down the street with a vape used to be a rare sight but now seeing vapers walking down the street are certainly out numbering the sight of people walking smoking traditional cigarettes and seems like the growth of vapers isn't going to stop any time soon!

The more this industry we all know and love continues to grow the more niches and sub-communities begin to form around that trend. Vaping has opened many doors for people for example people who never thought they would run a business are now opening stores, Mod makers, cloud chasers, tricksters, flavour heads, and DIY Mixers.

DIY e-liquid is amazing, and here are five reasons why you should pick up this hobby:

Reason 1: Easy on the bank balance

One of the most popular reasons for creating and mixing your own eliquid is definitely the cost to quantity factor. Mixing your own liquid may save you £3 upwards per 10ml. Ever wondered if your spending more on eliquid than smoking? If you're mixing your own eliquid this is a thought that doesn't have to cross your mind!

Reason 2: It's easier than you think!

A Lot of people presume that mixing is a difficult task and need a masters degree in mixology but this is incorrect. You don't need lots of fancy lab equipment with laboratory experience, Just a nice clean area, your ingredients, tools and a recipe, Just like baking a cake right?

So you want to mix a flavour? But how do I get recipes? It's easy, there are plenty of recipes online now to mix till your heart's content and you can even download eliquid calculators to get the exact measurements for each ingredient or if you want to make it even more simple then you can use one-shots which are basically recipes already mixed up then all you do is add PG,VG and your nicotine! Click here to view our range of one-shot concentrates. Another option is to use our Mix-Your-Own section on the website to create a flavour and our expert mixologists will mix it for you and ship it out to you! Click here to learn more.

Reason 3: You know what's in it!

You may have heard the concerns about e-liquid containing nasties like diacetyl, acetoin and acetyl propionyl. Maybe you have had those concerns yourself. Sure, they are only really dangerous in high quantities; but diacetyl-free is better than diacetyl-some, right? By taking up mixology, you know exactly what is going into your juice, and you have the option to eliminate whatever you want from it.

Reason 4: Personalisation

You can really go wild and get crazy with mixing eliquid and some of the best flavors come from just experimenting. Maybe try mixing 2 flavours that you're not sure will work and see what happens, it could be your next all day vape.

Noone can tell you what the “Best” eliquid is because taste is subjective, this way DIY mixing allows you to create your perfect vape eliquid.

Reason 5: It is so fun!

This is definitely the best reason out of them all! Nothing more satisfying than experimenting with a combination of flavours you have never mixed before and tasting it for the first time, it's either going in the bin or onto your top 10 favourite flavours. Once you get the hang of mixing and experimenting it doesn't take long to figure out what works together and what doesn't, once you have started create your own personal masterpieces you don't think twice about cigarettes

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