Bankrupt Brew E-liquid 5 for £10 Now Available!

Bankrupt Brew E-liquid 5 for £10 Now Available!

Published by VJuice Eliquid on 11th Sep 2018

That’s right guys and girls, Our new signature range – BANKRUPT BREW ELIQUID = Out now at 5 for £10!!! Stocked and ready to buy. Our Bankrupt Brew Eliquid has one goal, to be very affordable yet highest premium quality. We have created 10 new twists on very popular flavours so we have something that will interest everyone.

These new flavours include Skint Mint, Broke Banana, Trashy Tobacco, Moneyless Mango, Busted Custard, Luckless Lime, Shoddy Strawberry, Cheap Cherry, Paupers Peach and Peasants Pineapple. Don’t let these unfortunate names foul you, this is grade A juice with an awesome taste that will leave you wanting more. NO MONEY… NO PROBLEMS!!!

The price of this e-liquid has been reduced as low as we could possibly go (without losing any quality whatsoever). At a push we can retail these to you the customer for an outstanding 5 for £10! You do not need to qualify for this, no need to use any promo coupon or gift card, no need to join any mail letters or like our facebook page, this is the full price to everyone!

Our ingredients are still completely sourced from reputable companies, with a clear track record, certified 99.9% pure and pharmaceutical grade where applicable. We will not manufacture low grade e-liquid whatsoever. Our e-liquid laboratory is hygienic enough for food handling and manufacturing, and we improve our techniques all the time to be as pure and precise as we can possibly be.

Our range is shown below, just pick and mix any 5 flavours of bankrupt brew and the checkout will reduce the price for you automatically, when you come to pay.

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